We Are All Energy

The energy in our bodies, called qi or life force energy, runs through 12 major meridians associated with organs such as the heart, stomach, liver and kidney. In a healthy body the energies are constantly in motion, weaving through us and bringing natural healing and restoration. It’s when this natural dance is interrupted, and the energies become blocked or stagnant that imbalance and illness can take hold.

Using acupuncture needles as fine as a strand of hair, Marty Golden, L.Ac., removes these blockages, releases toxic energies and restores balance to the energy system, bringing it back into natural equilibrium and restoring its ability to heal.

Such a holistic approach allows for the treatment of both physical pain and mental stress and trauma. Marty also specializes in holistic fertility enhancement and menopause support, working out of her office in charming Clifton Square in Wichita, KS. She is a licensed acupuncturist in practice since 2013, a Certified Zero Balancer and is also trained in auricular acupuncture, a specialized application that relieves physical pain and dampens the effect of emotional trauma, preventing it from becoming chronically damaging.

At Wichita Holistic, take your first step to increased peace, health, relaxation and freedom from pain in a beautiful and welcoming setting. All are welcome here!

5 Element Acupuncture

The Five-Element philosophy is a holistic approach that brings the body, mind and spirit into balance and harmony with ourselves, others and the cycles of nature.

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Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a unique body-mind therapy that works on the deep level of both bone and energy.

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Meet Marty Golden

Marty Golden has completed over 4,500 hours of acupuncture training and experiential learning in Five-Element Acupuncture and has been a licensed acupuncturist ever since the state of Kansas began its licensing program in 2018. She is also a Certified Zero Balancer, and a member of Acupuncturists Without Borders, where she completed specialized training in auricular acupuncture.

Marty continues to be amazed and motivated by the profound healing she has experienced in her acupuncture practice. She is full of gratitude knowing that she can be of help through this work.

Meet Marty Golden - Wichita Holistic