Holistic Fertility Enhancement

Holistic Fertility EnhancementAs a mother of twins who were conceived through in-vitro fertilization, Marty Golden understands the emotional roller coaster of going through infertility and assisted reproductive technologies. She brings this personal experience as well as specialized knowledge of acupuncture techniques to support each phase of conception, pregnancy, carrying to term and the postpartum period.

Marty has helped many women conceive, including one woman who had just come from an appointment where her doctor had informed her that she wasn’t ovulating. Marty completed an implantation protocol that led to conception that very month. While the medical profession focuses on hormone levels and physical structures, the holistic nature of acupuncture supports all of these elements, while relieving anxiety and trauma so the natural wisdom of a woman’s body can take over.

It’s Marty’s privilege to treat a broad range of clients who are seeking to grow their families. The LGBTQ community is welcome as well as blended families, single parents and surrogate mothers.

Support During:

  • Unmedicated, timed cycles
  • Hormone therapy cycles
  • In-vitro fertilization
  • Sustaining a pregnancy
  • Surrogacy

Examples of Conditions Treated:

  • Support for natural fertility and conception
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Irregular cycles
  • Endometriosis and cysts
  • PCOS and ovulatory dysfunction
  • High FSH/low AMH/”poor responders”
  • Side effects of hormone treatment
  • Male infertility: low motility, morphology and count
  • Couples who have exhausted ART options
  • Miscarriage grief
  • Postpartum depression
For appointments please schedule online or call 316.518.0050