New Clients

For your first acupuncture appointment, be prepared to spend an hour and 20 minutes, beginning with reviewing your health history and discussing your concerns with Marty, which will provide a framework for the treatment.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and be prepared to disrobe if necessary, depending on the acupoints being treated. If you can come without makeup or perfume that’s helpful, but not a requirement. Subsequent appointments are 50 minutes long.

Marty practices a clean needle technique using very fine and sterile single-use needles. You may feel a brief sting when the needle in inserted, or you may feel nothing at all. As the treatment progresses it’s normal to experience various sensations or emotions as the energy moves — or you may just feel a deep sense of relaxation.

On a typical schedule you will have one appointment a week for the first month, two treatments the second month and then go to once a month or once a season for maintenance and balancing. Marty will design a custom treatment plan and closely monitor your progress until your new energy patterns are set.

Come to the treatment with reverence and focused expectations and you will soon see a shift.


Download Intake Forms


1. Click on the appropriate form. It will open in your browser.

2. Save the form to your computer as a .pdf with Control/Command-S.

3. Open the .pdf and fill it out on your computer.

4. SAVE your form and return to Marty prior to your first acupuncture session.


Wellness Questionnaire

Women’s Fertility Questionnaire

For appointments please schedule online or call 316.518.0050